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juillet 5, 2016

2 chums de filles s’amusent à faire des selfies sexy pour envoyer à leurs fuckfriends. L’atmosphère se réchauffe et petit à petit les coquines se filment en train de se déshabiller… C’est pas long qu’elles se retrouvent toutes nues à jouer se manger la noune! C’est leurs chums qui vont être contents de voir ça, méchante belle surprise!


05 Juil 2016

Sunny Spark Perverti Amanda

avril 26, 2016

Amanda Bellucci et Sunny Spark sont deux superbes jeunes filles qui adorent entre autre les plaisirs au féminin. Sunny essaye de pervertir un peu Amanda. Elles se caressent avec douceur et passion pour agrémenter leur magnifique matinée.

Sunny Spark Perverti Amanda

26 Avr 2016

Orgie de Filles

décembre 17, 2013

Lors d’un party bien arrosé au soleil, 4 filles décident de se faire un bon gros trip de cul. Elles sortent les dildos et fourrent toutes ensemble sur le bord de la piscine.

Orgie de Filles

17 Déc 2013

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Pegas Productions sur YNOT


YNOT, le site Web de référence mondial de l’industrie du X  a publié une entrevue avec Michael Racette, de Pegas Productions à propos de notre cours d’acteur Porno « Pegas 101 » (suite…)

Cour d’acteur Porno sur Vice Magazine


Le prestigieux Vice Magazine  a publié une entrevue avec Nicola Lafleur, président de Pegas Productions à propos de notre cours d’acteur Porno « Pegas 101 »

En voici un extrait:

VICE: Where did you come up with the idea for Porn School?
Nichola LaFleur: We were having a lot of trouble finding good porn actors. I realized that we could teach aspiring porn stars the tricks of the trade, and in the process recruit those we thought were best for Pegas Productions.

What was the application process like?
Fifty people applied. They were required to send in a picture of themselves naked and erect. From there we sent them questionnaires and gave them information on the realities of porn. A lot of people think that they’ll make a lot of money in porn. In Quebec, that can’t be the number one motivation to get into porn. I don’t know about elsewhere, but here it won’t be full-time work, and it won’t pay $10,000 a shoot—unless you’re amazing.

We look for confidence, a good attitude, the penis (which can’t be too small, but too big can also be problematic) and looks. Looks aren’t as important, because there are all sorts of people with different preferences. So sometimes we’re looking for a young, white, skinny boy, but other times we need someone that’s the opposite of that.

The application process has changed this time around. The only way to apply is to subscribe to the course on If we accept you, you pay the $149 and you’re in.

Why is a really big penis a problem?
A 13-inch penis is definitely better than a three-inch penis, but a little above average is ideal. The problem with a huge penis is that it can be tough to stay hard. So let’s say we need to film for an hour, a person with a large penis can have a lot of difficulty with that.

You mentioned a looking for a “good attitude,” I always assumed the right attitude was “horny.”
It depends. For men, we’re looking for someone who gives 100 percent. Someone who wants to improve, that’s a good attitude. Someone who’s intense but can also be sensual when needed. We look for people who are creative and who participate in the process. We want people who give ideas. Sometimes we [behind the camera] lack the imagination. A porn star who gives their input can help the movie look more natural. That’s a good attitude.

Source et entrevue complete : VICE Magazine