Profil corporatif

Founded in 2006 in the Old Capital, Pegas Productions is an adult film distribution company and a leader of the porn industry in Quebec city for more than 10 years.

Why Pegas is Quebec #1 reference in Porn ? It's pretty simple: in order to always offer “The Best in Exclusive HD Porn” , we've to be willing to improve our product to get the highest quality possible. We're doing everything we can to get it. Our long term vision, with our experience and discipline has given us the high quality standards that serve as a reference in the Exclusive Porn industry.

For us, each product that we distribute is unique and that's why we're giving them their own "One of a kind taste".

Because here at Pegas Productions, we've the conviction that pornography, if conceived accordingly to the rules, is a great expression of the human sexuality.

We're aware of our active social role, that's why we're working very hard at popularizing and making this industry more accessible, which still taboo and unknown in this society.

In every occasion that presented itself, we're gladly making our duty to answer the medias, without hiding our faces, because we're standing up for who we are and what we're doing. Our goal is to give the best of ourselves for the sake of this young booming Quebec Porn industry.

Pegas en chiffres

  • Over 3000 Videos
  • featuring more than 500 girls
  • Over 150 movies available for download on our Website
  • Also available on these Canadian broadcasters :
    • Vidéotron Illico, Canal Indigo, Bell ExpressVu, Cogeco Cable, Shaw Communications, Rogers, Telus Communications and much more...

Pegas is also a small dynamic and multi-disciplinarian team, in both Quebec and Montreal, with the right values. Professionalism, discipline and our enjoyment made us distribute the exclusive porn that resemble who we are here at Pegas!

Pegas team members:

  • Nicola: President/Founder and manager at Pegas. As both the heart and the brain of Pegas, it's his vision and multiple talents who made the structure in which Pegas grew over the years and still going strong.
  • JS: There from the start of Pegas, JS is the “Web Guru”, computer science has no secrets for him. Marketing specialist and diffusion on the Web, he's also an graphic designer, Web developer… He's just like the "Swiss army knife" of the Web !
  • Mélanie: Member of Pegas since 2016, Mélanie is a pro in marketing, monetization and social medias. From manifacturing, Mélanie brings a more traditional approch to the marketing web team.
  • Chester: Part of the team since 2013, Chester is a talented video editor who's arrival made a tremendous contribution for the improvement of our quality standards for trailers ans promo videos. His professionalism, meticulousness and attention for details combine with his musical ear and rhythm makes him a master of audiovisual.
  • Madison: Since 2014, Madison is a part of Pegas as a front-end developer and web designer. Her learning abilities and adaptation evolve with the Web. Always at the sate-of-the-art technology, she brings a more feminine touch to the Web Team.
  • Mickaël: Join the team in 2012, Mickaël is not an amateur because he's been in the adult film industry since 1997. His versatility and professionalism are the main qualities of this Porn Veteran, but it's his mostly glabal vision of Porn made in Quebec who makes him a asset for Pegas.