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août 12, 2014


YNOT, le site Web de référence mondial de l’industrie du X  a publié une entrevue avec Michael Racette, de Pegas Productions à propos de notre cours d’acteur Porno « Pegas 101 »

En voici un extrait:

YNOT: First, introduce Pegas Productions.

Michael Racette: Pegas Productions is a French-Canadian adult production company established in 2006. Over the years we have become one of the leaders in the porn industry in Canada. To date we have produced close to 500 scenes with more than 120 different girls. Our content is available on our website and also on television and DVDs.

A light and funny style has become our trademark. Our goal is to make the best porn we can without taking ourselves too seriously, all the while remaining true to our roots and official motto, “le meilleur du cul Québécois” [“the best porn in Quebec”].

Why did you decide to open a school for aspiring male performers?

We had the general idea of Pegas 101 in the back of our minds for a long time, but the turning point came after a disastrous shooting day with a newcomer. It was a real wake-up call for us. It became obvious that something different needed to be done, and so we did.

The reason we chose to do a “porn class” tailored for men is very simple: Even though every week we receive on our website dozens of modeling applications from guys who want to break into porn, it’s actually quite hard for a production company to figure out which one of those have what it takes to perform in front of the camera. When people watch porn movies at home it looks easy and fun, but in reality shooting a sex scene on a porn set is very challenging.

That’s especially true for men who act in an often-overlooked role in the shadow of their female counterpart. The whole experience is nothing like what happens in the bedroom. Being a male porn star is a dream job for many, but it’s easy to see only the dream and forget that it’s also a real job. Everyone wants to be a porn star, but not everyone can.

Why is attending “porn college” an advantage for would-be Lexington Steeles?

From experience, we know that one of the main causes of failure with novice actors is the stress coming from not knowing what to expect, and also the many new things they have to keep in mind all at once. So, we aim to lessen the effect of stress by immersing the candidates and gradually familiarizing them with the real conditions on a professional porn set, minus the performance anxiety.

Source et entrevue complète : YNOT

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