Les nouvelles boules de Zoé Zebra

août 22, 2014


Dans le National Post, Peter Kuitenbrouwer interroge Zoé Zebra sur ses motivations à participer à un tournage porno dans lequel elle coucherait avec 25 hommes pour financer des implants mammaires.

En voici un extrait :

Zoé Zebra, a 22-year-old porn actress, wants bigger breasts. So on Friday, Sept. 5, in a trailer parked next to Club 77, a strip club in Gatineau, Que., she plans to have sex with 25 men. Their encounters will be taped for a future porno film. She also hopes the proceeds will help pay for plastic surgery. The local mayor objects, but may be unable to stop the event. The National Post reached Ms. Zebra Friday at her apartment in Longueil, on the south shore of Montreal.

Q. Where are you from and how did you get into this business?

A. I grew up in La Baie, a town in the Saguenay. At age 18, I moved to Quebec City. I got a job as a barmaid at Le Drague Cabaret Club, a gay bar. Vandal Vyxen came in to perform. She became my idol. I decided, from one day to the next, to become a porn star. So I started working with Pegas Productions, making porno films. Quebec [City] was just a bigger village, so last November I moved to Montreal.

Q. Where did the idea come from?

A. It was mine. Everyone in the porno business knows me as the nymphomaniac. I want bigger breasts. This is a chance to get someone else to pay for the operation. I’m quite tall, so I think it will look good to have bigger breasts, at my size.

Source : National Post

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