Rick Hard comme vous ne l’avez jamais vu

décembre 11, 2015


L’acteur porno québécois Rick Hard se livre candidement à Irina Terehova de Mtl Blog dans cette entrevue à cœur ouvert sur l’industrie de la porno et sur le métier de pornstar.

En voici un extrait :

Back in 2010, I was dating my girlfriend of 5 years. She was a civil lawyer. After my graduation from the police force, we were supposed to get engaged and live a normal life. But over the years, our sex life was becoming dull, and I was a porn addict. Like I said, I was watching porn since the age of 11. I knew everything about the bios of male pornstars. I read the biography of Jack Lawrence who was also a police officer and a performer and made up my mind, “What the heck? Why don’t I get into the business too?”I heard that a lot of strippers and escorts were attending industry nights at a popular club on St.Laurent street in Montreal. So I became a regular client there. I was spending at least 200 to 300 dollars per week to get noticed. I met one of the managers over there and he told me to contact Nicola Lafleur from Pegas Productions. Finally, I contacted Nicola Lafleur in September 2010. He liked my attitude, and decided to give me a chance, so he landed me my first opportunity to shoot with a girl on Friday November 5th 2010 in Ste-Foy in Quebec City.

I drove two hours and half to get there and had my first shoot. Nicola was very kind, professional and he liked my performance. He later gave me two other roles in early 2011… the rest is history.

Source : Mtl Blog

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