6 racy videos for a super sexy Valentine’s Day

février 9, 2016


Valentines’ Day can be puzzling for many couples (isn’t it boys?!)… But it’s also the perfect timing to bring back the passion and spice up your sex life! Pegas is there to help you get in the mood and create the perfect evening (or a sleepless night!) as a couple!

You can see us as a XXX Valentines’ Day version of Martha Stewart! Here are 6 hot and steamy scenes to start on a high note the sexiest night of the year!

1- Sensual food fantasies with a stranger

With Shana Lane & Jack

In this XXX remake of the successful movie 9 Weeks and a Half, the gorgeous Shana Lane brings one of her fantasies to life: sleep blindfolded with a stranger. Jack, the handsome mystery man, gives her a taste and eats alongside her body, fruits, honey… It’s a delight for all senses!

View 10 and a Half Weeks

2- Because each secret agent has his femme fatale

With Cassie Roze & Axel Aces

In the purest James Bond style, this artistic, sensual and oh so naughty scene features Axel Aces in the leading role of the secret agent 069. His sexy girl in question: Cassie Roze. This ultimate vamp will seduce you as she makes the temperature rise…

View The Spy who Fucked Me

3- A night of romance with many extras…

With Sassy Meli & Mam Steel

Women love romance and we know it! When the strong and handsome Mam Steel prepares a sensual night out for the busty SassyMeli, seduction leads to passion in no time… It’s the perfect choice to gratify your taste in scorching yet romantic sex!

View A Romantic Night with SassyMeli

4- Two sexy high class hookers make a fine pair!

With Amy Lee, Ginger Red & Gabriel Clark

A Montreal trendy industrial loft, a classy businessman and two pretty upscale escorts mesh together in the classy porn scene. Wearing high-end lingerie, the gorgeous brunette Amy Lee and the busty redhead Ginger Red will lust you up in this classy, sensual and very dirty threesome party…

View High Class Threesome

5- A firefighter in uniform turns up the heat

With Alysson & Mam Steel

It’s a fact that all women love uniforms. In this video, Mam Steel is every woman’s fantasy (and also busty Alysson’s…) in the role of fireman selling calendars. Believe us, the fire will not only be on screen!

View Hot for a Firefighter

6- Oh so 50 Shades of Grey

With Cassie Roze & Gabriel Clark

All dressed-up in black satin, Cassie Roze plays an ultra-sexy dominatrix to the very chic Gabriel Clark. Both artistic and naughty, this scene will rise up your desire. Handcuffs, leaches and domination will turn this racy cult book in the XXX version called 50 Shades of Roze

View 50 Shades of Roze

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