Samantha Ardente is porn industry’s hottest secretary

février 3, 2016


There’s a lot to say about Samatha Ardente, Quebec’s most famous pornstar! In addition to the public scandal on her double life: secretary by day and porn actress by night, this busty Milf (36 D!!!) was also much talked about because of her multiple group sex scenes and anal videos.

A very mediatised career for sexy Sam

Back in 2011, Samantha Ardente got people talking when she got fired form her desk agent job in a Levis high school. The story took some epic proportions mainly because it was linked to her adult film career with movies like Abuseurs en Série 2, in which she played the role of a naïve but very naughty realtor willing to do anything to sell a condo…

From pornstar to XXX movie producer

After her termination, the actress jumped head first (or should we say pussy first…) into the porn industry. With a production company (Sam Ardente Production) and her own website, the star turned quickly into a business woman.

Group sex at its best

Sam does love a good orgy! This is the best way to discover (or rediscover!!!) this French-Canadian pornstar. When it’s time for a good gangbang or an orgy, Samantha doesn’t hesitate to let the nymphomaniac whore come out.

Ultra-sexy girls’ orgy

For your pleasure only, the now famous Pornstar Orgy at the Spa brings together the most beautiful Montreal actresses all in one scene! The colorful Vandal Vyxen, the tiny Sunny Spark, the bombshell Vyxen Steel, the busty Kelly Summer, the platinum blond Pamela Kayne and the young Hellizabeth Queen join in the biggest star of Quebec porn in this full on action video… Pussy eating, fingering and strap-on are on the menu in the memorable group sex!

Men’s trio for Sam Ardente

Samantha Ardente’s Gangbang is a must in terms of Quebec-based orgy! Double and triple penetration, bukkakee and much more… the ultimate Milf always asks for more! Here, the pro of orgies meets All In, Dech and Rick Hard in her hardest scene ever filmed…


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