Vandal Vyxen: Quebec’s most Colorful and Funky Porn Star

avril 21, 2016


Who doesn’t know megawatt pornstar Vandal Vyxen?! If there is one xxx Quebec porno actress who doesn’t fade into the background it’s of course, the gorgeous Vandal Vyxen.

Did you know? Back in 2005, before becoming the star we now know and love, Vandal was performing under other names like Zophya Miaw and Shana Ryder. Then she chose Vandal Vyxen as her stage name. As a pornstar, Vandal isn’t afraid of anything! Threesome, orgy, lesbianism, squirt, strap-on, Vandal Vyxen isn’t scared of trying everything!

Quebec Squirt Queen

Even if many Quebec porno actresses are able to squirt (female ejaculation), Vandal Vyxen is on top of the list! And when Vandal squirts, it’s not just a few drops, oh no! Gallons and gallons of pussy juice splash all over: on the floor, on other stars and even on the production team! Get your umbrellas out: no one will be spared by this vaginal Tsunami!

Here are a few xvideos to get to know Vandal Vyxen as the ultimate pro of squirt:

Squirt Gun

When a squirt pro who is able to make any woman ejaculate meets a serial squirter like Vandal Vyxen, it turns pretty fast into a huge flood! Non-stop pussy juice is on the menu in this unique xvideo… Maybe you will even learn a trick or two on how to make naked girls squirt!

See Squirt Gun trailer

Two Wet Nurses

Practice makes perfect! So when two of Hans FrankenNoune nurses (Vandal Vyxen of course, and Lyly Star) have some lesbian fun with a strap on, it can only end in all over the floor squirt! There will be some cleaning up to do in this examination room! Because there’s wet and there’s Vandal Vyxen wet!

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Unconventional Threesomes

We all know that Vandal doesn’t do anything half way! So when it’s time for a good threesome, Vandal likes it as intense and funky as her own self! Anal, spanking, dirty talk are on the menu in Vandal Vyxen’s best threesomes


Here are a few xvideos to get to know Vandal Vyxen the threesome way:

Hardcore Threesome

Vandal Vyxen and Mylee Cruz like it rough! So when they call a GoGo Boy, they turn him into their boy toy! There was no way this was going to turn into vanilla sex. They both want to get fucked real hard! Luckily, Gabriel Clark is there to give them the fuck they deserve! It’s an hardcore scene full of non-stop squirt, insults and spit. It was so intense, we had to declare the place disaster area!

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2 Tease on the Terrace

A huge pool-side orgy sure turns on Vandal Vyxen like crazy! As a good lesbian, she starts eating gorgeous Foxy Prissy’s boobs while watching the party. It doesn’t take long before Dave XXX decides to take the matter into his own hands and fucks both pussies and even thigh asses with his big penis! There’s nothing better for two lesbians than a big cock!

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Orgies, group sex and much much more…

Since Vandal Vyxen is a big fan of out of the ordinairy sex videos, it’s no surprise she loves orgies! With Vandal, when there’s enough for her, there’s enough for many many people!

Here are some xvideos to get to know Vandal Vyxen’s orgies:

Quebec’s Biggest Orgy

The more the merrier! See Vandal in the most memorable orgy xvideo ever shot in Quebec! It’s the biggest sex party of all time! Filmed in HD, 29 pornstars get crazy under the hot summer sun for 1h30 of 100% Quebec fucking!

See Quebec’s Biggest Orgy trailer

Lesbo Orgy

Vandal Vyxen, Vyxen Steel, Alyson Queen and Natasha Letendre have fun together in this all girl orgy. Dildos are a must in this orgy video showcasing Quebec hottest porno actresses. Damn our Quebec stars naughty and slutty: such perfect girls! A not to be missed pool party!

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Are you ready to get Vandal-ized? Get to know all sides of Vandal Vyxen on Pegas website. Vandal is a squirt pro, an orgy and threesome fanatic and she is basically in love with pretty much all sexual things!

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