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juin 30, 2016


It’s sunny, it’s hot… Let’s party! With summer and hot temperature coming our way, we do have to enjoy it while we can! In Quebec, with only a few months of nice weather, we have to maximize the time spent outside… especially to fuck! Here are our best summer fun scenes especially made to enjoy the hot weather :

The ultimate ultra-wet party!

Here’s the biggest pool party ever organised in Quebec: 29 actors for over 1h30 of 100% quebecer sex! Because sun, alcohol and sex mix so well together that only gorgeous women squirting can refresh participants!

See Quebec’s Biggest Orgy trailer

Boat sluts at their best

You want to spend crazy good vacations? Well, there’s really nothing like renting a boat and inviting a bunch of pretty ladies… Sex is a sure thing in these 3 great orgy scenes on a speedboat!

See Speedboat Orgy – Part 1 trailer

See Orgy on the St-Lawrence River- Part 2 trailer

See Speedboat Orgy – Part 3 trailer

Hot and spicy BBQ!

When the weather’s nice, there’s nothing better than a good old BBQ. And while waiting for the hot-dogs to be ready, why not enjoy another kind of juicy sausage! Sticky patch ahead!!!

See Jizz-B-Q trailer

Sexy and wet all-girl Jacuzzi

Ah the hot tub! It always comes with something more… Especially since two hot girls in a bikini in the jacuzzi under the sun always brings sex cravings to a climax. But in this scene, you guys can only watch since it’s a girls only hot tub moment!

See Slippery When Wet trailer

Pussy licking under the sun

What’s better that hot girls by the pool? Pornstars doing a wet t-shirt contest… that turns into a lesbian orgy!!! Here’s a summer must-see not to be missed!!!!

See A Wet T-Shirt Contest Turns into a Lesbian Orgy video

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