It’s always a question of dick… size!

mars 10, 2016


“It’s not the size that matters, but the way you are using it.” We all heard that one at least once! But is it really true? If during Greek times a small penis was a sign of fertility and esthetism, now it’s mostly big cocks that all the rage. However, for both men and women, boner lenght is always a sizable (!) question…

The average penis size

In Quebec, the average cock lenght in full erection is about 5’’ with an average diameter of 1.4’’. With these numbers, the average Quebecer cannot stand up to world champions like men from Congo who have an average dick lenght of 7.1’’. However, they can still be reassured on their penis size when they compare themselves to Coreans who have a 3.8’’ average!

In research by London’s King’s College, penises (mostly on white men) measured were between 1.9’’ and 8.3’’. After this study, it was possible for doctors to decreet that about 2.5% of men were having abnormally small penises. Obviously, when we are talking average, there are longer and smaller boners! At one extreme we have the micropenis guys whose fully erected dicks are under 2.75’’!

And pornstars cocks in all that?

It’s a well known fact that male pornstars often have huge dicks. Even if male performance is not based solely on the penis size, it however a very important factor in porn in order to be able to perform certain positions and so no action is missed on screen! This is why most male performers seen in pornos have a cock between 8’’ to 10’’ long.

Here’s our pornstar impressive cock list:

  • Lexington Steele: 9’’
  • Rocco Siffredi: 9.4’’
  • Ron Jeremy: 9.75’’
  • John C. Holmes (Johnny Wadd): 10.2’’

Here in Quebec, we have Mam Steel with a 10’’ cock, just a little bit more and he could pass as a Subway’s footlong! 😉


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