A Whole New Way to Explore the Old Quebec

mai 5, 2016


Summer is coming really fast! Why not spice-up your summer vacation while doing some tourism in beautiful Quebec City? And we do have to say that there’s nothing sexier than a quickie in public!

Here are our suggestions of Old Quebec must see toursim attractions that you need to discover in an uniquely naughty way!

Racy Horse Drawn Carriage Tour

If you are of a romantic nature just like Candy Kiss and Xavier, we highly suggest an horse drawn carriage tour to discover the Old Quebec. This little guided tour will definitively give you a taste of Quebec City’s historical past, but will also turn up the heat…

You then need to know that Quebec’s horse drawn carriages do have retractable covers and warm blankets to protect you from cold, rain… and intrusive gaze! Candy Kiss and Xavier did use this opportunity to explore all that Quebec had to offer… Explore all naughty things you can do at the back of an horse drawn carriage while riding in the middle of the city!

See the Quebec Horse Drawn Carriage Fucking video

Doggy Style in the Breakneck Steps

Already famous in 1660, Breakneck Steps (l’Escalier Casse-Cou) is one of the oldest staircase of the city. This Old Quebec landmark is more than just a must see… it’s a must fuck for some! Even if the place is very popular for foreign tourism, it’s not a reason for locals to refrain from enjoying it! A quiet morning is just the perfect moment for Candy and Xavier to fuck their way up the Breakneck Steps! This sure is a new way to explore this century old sight!

See Breakneck Steps Fucking video

Enjoy the View from Dufferin Terrasse

Old Quebec’s Dufferin Terrasse is a long boardwalk along the Château Frontenac. Also used as a belvedere, the view from the terrasse is amazing! You can see the St-Lawrence River from the Île D’Orléans to the Quebec Bridge…but you can also gaze at Candy Kiss and Xavier having some fun! Fearless Candy even strips completely naked to enjoy the fresh breeze and the lover’s dick! If you are sensitive to the cold, wear some warm clothes as it is quite windy, but the breathtaking view is worth your while!

See Fucking in Front of the Château Frontenac video

Artillery Park’s Big Guns

With the Dauphine Redoubt and the multiple ammunition, Artillery Park Heritage Site played an important role in Quebec’s military defense. This historical witness also has been the sexy witness of Candy Kiss and Xavier’s naughty adventures! Who wouldn’t enjoy such big guns!

See A Secret Wet Hole… video

Plains of Abraham and Female Masturbation go so well together

The Battlefields Park and its famous Plains of Abraham host many shows like the Festival d’été de Québec. But it’s not only a musical scene as it is also a great place to see some nice asses… Just like blond Candy Kiss’ butt as she lay on the Plains’ lawn, masturbating like no one is watching! We bet you wished you could have been there!

See Naughty Getaway on the Plains


That’s not all of it! There are many naughty places left to discover in Quebec City! Believe us, Let’s Fuck Outside will give you some sexy vacation ideas… You will never see the Old Quebec the same way!

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