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5 best anal videos



Whether you are a big fan of anal sex or simply of a curious nature, here are the best Pegas Productions videos showcasing anal penetration.

1. Who said anal was a teen-only thing?

In this video, the busty Natacha Caliente brings (literally!) her fantasy to life by fucking in front of the camera. In her very first porn scene, this milf enjoys having her ass banged real hard by Gabriel Clark.


See the Milf gets her Butt Drilled trailer

2. There’s nothing like private coaching to lure men!

Pamela Kayne, a gorgeous blonde with (very) big boobs, uses the excuse of needing a private training by the handsome and muscular Mam Steel to lure him into her house. Once there, she sure knows how to show him her true (and naughty) intentions… Since Mam is very well endowed, she treats herself by taking it up the butt!


See the Up Yours Pamela Kayne trailer

3. Young and just naive enough…

Teenage Zoe Zebra meets Gabriel Clark to have some sex tips since he is older and much more experienced than her. Under her childlike looks with her plush animals and her pink blankie, all she really wants is to get nailed hard and even get fucked up her tiny ass


See the Back Door Zebra trailer

4. For those who like it rough

In this hard-core sex scene, Sweet Bitch gets her ass drilled real good (and real hard) by All In. This much harder than habitual Pegas video is perfect for those who like it gutsier. Not for the faint of heart!


See the Quebec Hardcore trailer

5. Math class 101

Since Amy Lee is always very horny, she’s Nick’s perfect assistant to teach the rule of 3. See her get fucked in all her holes: in the cunt, in the ass and in the mouth! See this woman of experienced have it up the ass… and into the mouth. It’s what we call a real ass to mouth experience!


See the Fire in the Holes trailer


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