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Tutorial: How to have anal sex?



Anal sure isn’t new… but it still gets a lot of people talking! If in Ancient Greece sodomy was already popular, its association with homosexuality, AIDS – at its illegality at some point! – have contributed to associate it with something dirty and taboo.

However, anal sex is a great opportunity to discover tons of new sensations, for both men and women! For men, since there are three muscles in the anus, it’s often considered more pleasant than vaginal sex; especially since the sphincter situated at the opening, is much more tighter.

For women, if anal sex is well performed (making this tutorial very useful!), can also be a lot of fun! You do have to take your time to be comfortable and relaxed to really enjoy sodomy. At first, it’s possible to feel a bit of discomfort. With time however, you can really reach new heights of sensations with anal sex. The anus muscles give a sense of intense proximity while increasing the penetration sensations. Also, sodomy opens a whole new door for new ways of using toys! This sure leaves much space for new feelings which make anal sex great for both partners!

But to really enjoy anal (and have great orgasms!), you need to do it right! Here’s a video tutorial, completely free, explaining how to perform sodomy:


Few precautions before plunging into sodomy

First off, anal sex is not a mandatory practice! You shouldn’t feel pressured to try it! And if you want it to work, the woman really needs to want it… The basics of sodomy’s success is relaxation, so let’s just say that trying that under pressure won’t give the expected results!

Like any sexual relation, you have to be careful of STDs (sexualy transmited deseases). As for anal sex, you have to be even more cautious as anal mucous are much more sensitive and delicate than vaginal ones. This therefore heightens the risks of diseases transmission, especially in the case of internal ejaculation which makes it harder to clean! As we say, there’s really nothing like using a condom to prevent all those problems!

Getting ready for anal sex

First of all, it’s always better to be clean! In porn, there are many tricks to get cleaned and lubricated like enemas, laxatives and Vaseline injections in the rectum before shooting, but in everyday life, a good soapy shower will do the trick.

One of the very important part of sodomy is to get the woman to relax (to facilitate penetration), but also the man too (in order to stay hard). To make it short, relaxation is the key to anal success!

Since anus doesn’t lubricate naturally, you’re gonna need a good lubricant! There are some especially made for anal sex which are thicker and stay on longer, but an ordinary lube (silicone or water based) does the trick! One thing is for sure, you need lube to prevent micro-cuts and bleeding!

Sodomy foreplay

First of all, you need to stay relax and focus on having fun! Taking a bath, massaging or simply caressing each other can be great to relax during foreplay. You start by massaging the anal area softly, ideally while doing a cunilingus. If you feel like it, you can do an anilingus (anal equivalent of a cunilingus). It’s not mandatory at all, but if you feel like it, go ahead since it really helps dilating sphincter muscles.

Female masturbation during foreplay, keeps the excitation level high. To make it short, it’s a great way to focus on pleasure instead of pain! At the same time, you can use finger (starting with one and then a second one) to penetrate the anus. You have to make sure your hands are lubed and cleaned since they carry a lot of bacterias around.

After using the fingers, you can use a small toy to see how you like sodomy! You can work your way up to a bigger toy if you feel like it. You still need to lube up your toys before using them. It’s also very important to take them out slowly after use.

Tips, tricks and easy positions for anal penetration

To start off, the important thing is to be centered and listen well to each other while staying in a pleasure and sensual mood. You have to take the time you need to insert the penis completely. Even once the cock is fully inside, you have to take your time to increase the speed of penetration and to make sure both partners are ready. It’s still completely normal if you do not have full penetration at first.

Here are some positions for beginners which are easier to perform: spooning, doggy style, and of course, laying on the belly. During position changes, It’s much easier if the woman inserts the penis herself. To keep the excitement to the max, the woman can use a vaginal or clitoral toy, during sodomy, to focus on orgasm and pleasure. Vibrators also give an exciting feeling to men since the vaginal wall is thin. Once again, when the penetration is over, it’s important to take the dick out slowly. Just like the beginning, the end needs to be gentle!

Few cares to take after anal sex

After sodomy, it’s important to wash and change condom since the risk of transmission of infections is high for both partners. You also have to clean the toys (and the penis!) especially between anal and vaginal use.

Want to see more? Watch right now the results of this anal tutorial in a XXX video showcasing sexy brunette Amanda Bellucci and Gabriel Clark, a real sodomy pro!


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